CommodityTrends Affiliate Program
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CommodityTrends Affiliate Program

If you love what CommodityTrends offers, why not share the love with your followers and earn income while doing so?
Join our affiliate program and share your favorite CommodityTrends features, pages, and tools with followers of your website, blog, and social media channels. In exchange for your hard work, you'll earn a commission for every paying customer you refer to us.
How it works
How it works: Apply
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How it works: Promote CommodityTrends
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Start Earning!
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CommodityTrends Affiliate Program Code of Conduct
Preserving the value of our brand is of paramount importance. To that end, CommodityTrends has certain requirements for participation in the CommodityTrends affiliate program. To be eligible, affiliates must meet the below criteria and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Before monthly earnings are distributed, CommodityTrends will confirm that affiliates have complied with all requirements. CommodityTrends reserves the right to deny payments to those affiliates who are in violation of any of the program's rules, terms, or conditions.
  • Must be active on one of the following social media channels (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Must agree to never promote CommodityTrends through unethical and/or dishonest marketing practices (i.e., no spamming, no unsolicited marketing tactics)
  • Must always be honest and truthful about the risks associated with investing and trading. There are no guarantees, and all promotional activities must be transparent about that. Risk disclaimers must be used when providing trading and/or investment ideas.
  • Integrity and Honesty are important to CommodityTrends. As such, all affiliates must agree to never misrepresent the capabilities, tools, and features of our platform. Affiliates must also disclose if trades are hypothetical or real money trades. All real money claims must be backed by brokerage statements.
Call us any trading day from 8:30-5:00 PST at 1-800-853-1172 or 541-955-2700 or if you feel more comfortable writing us a message please visit our contact page.